"Tickle's Birthday Surprise" was an episode from The Hooley Dooleys 1999 TV Series.

Songs FeaturedEdit


series Theme Song Opening: We Are The Hooley Dooleys

Its Tickle's birthday today and everyone is very excited for it so the Hooley Dooleys come into their positions ready to surprise her.

Song 1: Party Song

The Hooley Dooleys give Tickle some more surprises with some presents with which turns out to be all of the same thing at once; bracelets which don't fit onto Tickle's wrist but can make into one big bracelet which can be made into a necklace instead; and a giant man-sized birthday cake with Russell inside and jumping out of it.

Tickle's Birthday Surprise

Song 2: Russell The Muscly Kangaroo (Can You Do What I Can Do)