"The Hooley Dooleys" was the 1999 TV series featuring 15 episodes with two songs at the Hooley Dooleys house on ABC TV. The series was Filmed Sometime in 1999 during the production of Pop video\album.

Episode Guide

  1. Stand Still Russell
  2. Something Is Smelly
  3. Bubble And Squeak
  4. Shrinking Laundry
  5. Hooley Dooleys To The Rescue
  6. Upside Down Cubbyhouse
  7. Shake Your Body (First of two episodes that was videoed Ready, Set... Go!)
  8. Pizza
  9. Jumping (Second of two episodes that was videoed Ready, Set... Go!)
  10. Tickle's Tutu
  11. We'd Better Get Going
  12. Case Of The Disappearing Cookies
  13. Antoine "Says"
  14. Looking After Baby
  15. Tickle's Birthday Surprise

Songs Include

  1. We Are The Hooley Dooleys
  2. Hello
  3. Yumbo Jive
  4. Bottom Boogie
  5. Splash
  6. Hands And Feet
  7. Bubble And Squeak
  8. I'm A Washing Machine
  9. On My T-Shirt
  10. Peek-A-Boo
  11. Fire Truck Song
  12. Working In The Shed
  13. In The Sandpit
  14. Shake Your Body
  15. Russell And Tickle
  16. Everybody
  17. Pizza
  18. Jump, Jump, Jumping
  19. Train
  20. Diddley Dee
  21. You Are My Friend
  22. Better Get Going
  23. Drums
  24. Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle)
  25. Cookie
  26. Chicken Talk
  27. Kangaroo
  28. Teddy Bear
  29. Baby Song
  30. Party Song
  31. Russell The Muscly Kangaroo (Can You Do What I Can Do)


Hooley Dooleys




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