"The Case Of The Disappearing Cookies" was an episode from The Hooley Dooleys 1999 TV Series.

Songs FeaturedEdit


series Theme Song Opening: We Are The Hooley Dooleys

The Hooley Dooleys had made some lovely cookies made into the shapes of wild jungle animals. When Tickle and Russell came in the Hooley Dooley house, they can smell, and see what they were.

Song 1: Ooga Chuga (In The Jungle)

Antoine puts out the tray of cookies on the table for everyone to eat. Antoine suggests that everyone has to act like one of the jungle animals to see which cookie they want; Tickle chooses the lion, Russell chooses the elephant, David chooses the monkey; but Bruce wants all of them at once.

Song 2: Cookie

The Case Of The Disappearing Cookies

Antoine opens the oven to get another tray of animal-shaped cookies and Bruce is very excited to eat them all, but Antoine has made a very special "Bruce-shaped" cookie just for Bruce himself.