Russel The Muscly Kangaroo
Russell the Muscley Kangaroo is a Kangaroo who is a friend of The Hooley Dooleys. He was also the first friend to be presented out of the 5 characters, introduced in 1996, his best friend is Tickle the Doodat.


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  • On the front cover of The Hooley Dooleys album, he is yellow in both cartoon and live-action, but he is a little bit of a sandy tanned tone in live-action but he still has brown hair on both cartoon and live-action but darker in cartoon and lighter in live-action.
  • He is the longest-existing Hooley Dooley friend for 13 years, starting from 1996-2009.
  • He also appeared in the Yumbo Jive music video, which was the only on-screen time he was alone with The Hooley Dooleys because Tickle wasn't introduced yet.
  • Russell was born on January 15, 1993, making two years older than Tickle.
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