"Hooley Dooleys To The Rescue" was an episode from The Hooley Dooleys 1999 TV Series.

Songs FeaturedEdit


Series Theme Song Opening: We Are The Hooley Dooleys

Song 1: Peek-A-Boo

Tickle closes her eyes again when Russell says that the game is over, but as it turns out, she closed her eyes for a good reason; she is very scared to look because there was a cat stuck up in the tree, so Russell also looked up in the tree and is also very scared but is brave enough to happily hop to the Hooley Dooley house to call the fire brigade along with Tickle who laughs and giggles and reminds him to be quick.

Hooley Dooleys To The Rescue

Song 2: Fire Truck Song

The Hooley Dooley fire brigade arrives and gets the cat out of the tree; Antoine holds the ladder, while Bruce climbs the tree, and David catches the cat; and the job is finished but Russell says that it isn't and says that Bruce is now stuck in the tree.