"Antoine "Says"" was an episode from The Hooley Dooleys 1999 TV Series.

Songs FeaturedEdit


series Theme Song Opening: We Are The Hooley Dooleys

The Hooley Dooleys, Tickle and Russell are playing Simon says and Antoine is the ring leader here, telling everyone what to do what he says; "hop like a frog", "waddle like a duck", and "talk like a chicken"; but they can only move whenever they hear the name "Simon".

Song 1: Chicken Talk

Antoine Says

The game continues with Simon says; "flutter like a butterfly"; until Antoine says, "Stop!" And decides to try again and says, "Stand up tall like a kangaroo!" And Russell did it but he didn't hear the name "Simon", but makes and excuse to Antoine that he is a kangaroo. So David suggests that it is fun and decides to ask everyone to all stand up like kangaroos, making Antoine say, "Okay, Simon says, do what David says".

Song 2: Kangaroo

The game finishes off with Antoine saying, "Simon says, that's the end!"